Organic food baskets to Barcelona

Let me introduce you to our wonderful baskets containing real food, grown within a short distance: if you live in Barcelona, we bring the basket to your home, or we deliver it to the nearest point of delivery!

If you are living in Barcelona area, now ​​you can order online: choose your preferred seasonal products for the coming week, and send us your order! It’s easy! Just click here, now you can find the english translations of all products on our ordering page.

I order the baskets since 4 months, and I’m thrilled! For me it is the perfect solution because I don’t have time to do my shopping. The baskets are delivered to my home, and I’m guaranteed to eat excellent fresh and healthy products.
Testimony of one of our clients, C. BASSY, a Barcelona’s resident from France

The food we distribute is delicious because it is harvested early in the morning on the day of delivery, ensuring that all products retain their maximum vitamin content. Farmers prepare your order – fruit, vegetables and fresh eggs – with great care and attention for each client. Then, we bring it to your home, so you get the freshest produce possible!
Our products are organic and delicious: Veggies, fruit, edible flowers, mini-vegetables, legumes, nuts, fresh eggs from happy chickens, etc.


Why buy an organic basket?

    • Healthier: Seasonal organic veggies, freshly harvested. The freshest produce possible.
    • Easier: We deliver it to your home, or to the agreed-upon delivery point.
    • Sustainable: Our baskets are returnable, because we are environmentally conscious and strive to reduce the use of plastic packaging.
    • Eco-conscious: We help farmers to promote rural agronomy, since it is a critical part of our gastronomy culture.

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