aceite de oliva, liquid gold

The oily juice extraction from olives, is probably the must of mediterranean diet.
There are many types depending on extracting method, the extra virgin is extracted by cold pressing being the purest and the most beneficial, because it contains all the features intact.
The recommended dose is 2 or 3 little spoons by day.
Everyone knows about their properties, but what makes it really amazing is that it is beneficial besides being so delicious and aromatic.
Some of their properties:
Regulates blood cholesterol levels, and helps to reduce hypertension.
Improves digestive function due to better absorption of nutrients. Prevents constipation.
Improves metabolic functions and brain development: favors the formation of cell membranes and brain tissue; it seems that people who consume more saturated fat have less memory.
Essential during menopause: improves osteoporosis helping on the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc.
It acts as an antioxidant, reduces the aging of the cell membrane, due to its content of vitamin E.
Also can be use it as a cosmetic, as massage oil gives skin elasticity and hydration, or as hair mask.
…¡i declare myself absolutely addicted to this liquid gold!

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